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I would look to see what software is available maybe SilverFast but the Kodak software probably doesn’t run on any modern OS’s Kodak isn’t the best at supporting their products. Tips for Tricky Exposure Situations Page 3. Again, the same result. Hence, my first view of this pair was through inadvertently pixel-peeping. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. After success with three different recent sets on Kodak Supra I tried scanning some older images on Agfa XRS and Fuji Reala, and obtained comparable satisfaction in the final scan results. I believe sample two is a little more pixelated.

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Speed is VERY kodak rfs 3600 film scanner. Ever since Kodak began selling Supra professional color negative film I have appreciated its fine qualities and superb color capabilities. I can see that while sample two has more apparent resolution, i. It crashed the application during data transfer to the Photoshop workspace. The older one isn’t really worth the hassle anymore, I think. The optical system is also said to be folm improved, especially concerning flare.

Dedicated film scanner will give you more detail in shadow and smoother tones and image is more sharp but with UM from flatbed you get decent results. The RFS produces excellent image quality with impressive shadow and highlight detail.

Kodak Professional RFS – film scanner Overview – CNET

During temporary storage and while working on image files I put them into folders on my desktop. Latest Trending Photos Videos.

The controls for adjusting kodakk output are in three sub-window tabs, and the adjustment tools like the curves dialog and histogram are also very tiny. This includes an automated kodak rfs 3600 film scanner adjustment capability as well as the use of their proprietary Film Terms to interpret the characteristics of different kinds of film images. How to Take Striking Lightning Photos: The scans were also very good with other Kodak films kodai even Agfa and Fuji color negative films.

Even the pop-up preview enlargement is relatively small, and if drawn larger in size kodak rfs 3600 film scanner extreme pixelation of the low-resolution preview scan. Are Your Prints Too Dark? Un punto in un tempo.

Tips for Tricky Exposure Situations Page 3. Metrix X 9 years ago. Not surprisingly, the unit works best with Kodak film, although it can scan any brand of film. The installation process installs a low-level hardware driver and a Twain source for use with most image-editing programs; Adobe Photoshop 5.

Kodak RFS 3600 Film Scanners

It took only a few scans before I was finding images that the software was incapable of providing an acceptable scan. Operation is nearly silent.

When it was transferring the data to Photoshop’s workspace it crashed Photoshop. Edited by stupendous cattle member 9 years ago. Richard Macdonald 9 years ago.

Even after scannre a thorough look at my System Profile folder I could not find a profile for the scanner. I was able to pull good detail from both highlights and shadows and fine color fidelity from the palest tints to the deepest saturated kodak rfs 3600 film scanner. The first one has higher contrast and more sharpening, The second one has a higher dynamic range.

Kodak RFS 3570 Film Scanner?

My experience with these scans was quite mixed. Brooks, All Rights Reserved. Look at the Insane x Optical Zooming The scanner software crashed the host application. The RFS is very noisy while scanning. You asked about thewhich is basically nthe same scanner but can handle also medium format scannner. Beyond DPI output you do need a drum scanner.